Career History (freelance 2)

2019.03 - 2019.07 (About 4 months)

GuildWorks Inc.

  • About ? employees in Japan. (I think about 20, but there are over 50 people involved.)
  • Hypothesis verification of service planning and development, Business design and improvement, On-site coach responsible for organizational improvement

Mar 2019 - Jul 2019

  • Subcontracting via TAG.1
  • Work as a side job remotely.
  • A contract development of tool for sales operation promotion.
    • In charge of implementing server side API and management function.
  • Environment:
    • (Virtualization) Docker
    • (Middleware) Nginx, MySQL, Auth0
    • (Language, Framework) PHP, Laravel


  1. An unincorporated association (private organization) named The Agile Guild