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Y/M Target Outline PR1 Issue
20/07 currentvisitor2mackerel Update 2020/07/27 #1  
20/04 Covid19Radar [Bugfix/16] chore: correct a Japanese word. (1 character) #20 #16


Y/M Target Outline PR1 Issue
20/05 snipe-it [Bug][Translate] In Japanese, first_name is 名 (not 姓) #8015 #8014


Y/M Target Outline Issue Then
20/09 terraformer [gmailfilter] private key should be a PEM or plain PKCS1 or PKCS8; occured #605 Solved
/06 localstack listObjects returns empty list when request come from php aws s3Client (regression bug) #62244318 #2535 Fixed
/05 intellij-hcl [incorrect warning] azurerm_subnet . address_prefixes #296 Fixed
/04 terraform-provider-aws aws_elasticsearch_domain - please consider SUCCEEDED_WITH_ISSUES(UpgradeStatus) as terraform apply succeeded #12783  


Y/M Target Outline Issue Then
20/07 terraform-provider-github Support for github_actions_secret for personal repo #422 Merged


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